June 12, 2009

Finally....Its here!!!

Finally,its here!!!! Its VACATION TIME!!!! Yippeee!!! Feels so good to have a break after such a hectic schedule...that too such a long break....42 days!!! mamma mia!!
The most precious 42 days because after that my final year starts...BE....and its not gonna be a cakewalk for sure.I struggled a lot in coping up with the 6th semester..so a bit nervous about the 7th & 8th.So I hope they are 42 days of fun and I hope to make the most out of it.
Well,I've planned a TO-DO list for this vacation and i hope i can do it!! :D
Here's my list:::>

#1.. Get my driver's license:::>
I was never too keen to learn driving.Mumbai's traffic scares me like anything!
But its always important to know something which can help you in case of any emergency.So i've decided to learn driving! I hope it shooos away my fear of driving a car in mumbai's traffic..hehe..

#2.. Complete reading the Twilight series:::>

Okay...I've heard enough about Twilight!!so now...I want to read it :D..
The best part is that i have the whole series at home.my sis has already completed reading it.She says its for the hopelessly romantic ones....hmm..okay...its definitely for me then!!! :D

#3.. Clean up my room!!! :::>
My room is a total mess! And believe me its not just a 1 or 2 day job to complete cleaning it!Its even scarier than the mumbai traffic! **OK..exaggerated....nothing can be worse than mumbai traffic** All my books lying here and there..some on the bed...another mountain sort of heap on my study table..and some even on the dining table..hehe..Well the good thing would be tht it would help me in losing a few pounds :D
Wish me Luck!!!

#4.. Wanna play a GUITAR
And last but not the least I want to learn to play a guitar..its so cool!!and i'm gonna start this summer...well not summer actually...b'coz its almost rainy season...so i'm gonna start it now! Sailo has one beauty and she is pretty good at it.So she'll teach me, i hope.

Well I hope I complete...umm...start and complete all the things that I've planned *fingers crossed*!!

Have you see Eminem's new video from his new album Relapse???Its disgusting & irritating! And its on #1 on VH1's Top 10!!!People what wrong with you???


PJ said...

1.You gonna learn driving? cool!

2.I need to finish reading doctors.Been reading it for almost 8-9months!lol

and guitar? Me too!Me too!I need to buy one first!:P

and eminem...I always HATE him!People just love any crap sometimes just because its 'cool'!

TP said...

1.yeah..i hope to do it this vac.

2. lol...happens...btw wats doctors??

and same here even i hate him...

workhard said...

Driving is good.. but twilight.. toooooo romantic.. i dont think i can ever put through that!!!!

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