January 15, 2009


I was supposed to post it yesterday.....but felt lazy to do so...so posting it today!!
You know one advantage of staying in Mumbai is...You get to witness celebrations of almost all the festivals...
Yesterday Makar Sankranti was celebrated as pompously as any other festival..You know.."Tilgul ghya god god bola"(i love those laddoos..yum) and people shouting "kaypo che"...it all brings smile on my face...

I was looking out and saw how colourful the sky looked with those colourful kites...btw did you notice the kites with all these celebs on them... katrina,deepika,ranbir,srk n all...Haa..ppl and their inventions!!But one thing I noticed disturbed me..Poor little birds!they looked so confused as to where to fly.. I think they were confused bcoz the kite ka manjha must be coming in their way...I read sometime back tht many birds get injured bcoz of this...you feel so sorry for them. but then each festival has its share of cons..like
HOLI...Its total menace as its approaching..you cannot venture out of your house at least a week before or your clothes are either wet or colourful when you come back home...then theres DIWALI-- 1 festival I am always eagerly waiting for..You know all lovely gifts,new clothes and yummy delicious sweet*mouth watering*..so Diwali-a festival of Lights or is it Diwali- a festival of pollution...The view from my house is very beautiful...mountains on 1 side and tall skyrises on other side...but during diwali I am unable to see any of them bcoz of the amount of smoke!!! and all you pray is tht you dont become deaf!!There are many more such festivals..
I love these festivals but I wish these could be celebrated in a peaceful and less polluting ways..We've already hurt Mother Nature a lot..I hope we dont do it anymore..I know I do sound like a complaining person..I but feel so helpless..Like I cant do anything other than just me following it...
btw this post very small in front of my other lamba chauda posts :D i'll end it with a few lines of a song i like...


Signing off...adios! :)

January 13, 2009

Mind your Language "Please"!

Date:10th January 2009-----------------------Time:7:00pm

I was glued to my TV like any other 20 something person..sounds senseless..Wait a min... correction:I was glued to MTV like any other 20 something and now you know the reason why! Yes,it was the first episode of MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under!!I just love to watch all those adventurous tasks that these people do except for the ones where they have to eat some creatures and then they puke it out...YUCK!!! I feel sometimes that I should be doing those tasks but then I come back to ground reality.....I am way too "darrpok" to do most of these tasks!!

Anyways they planned to delay the start a lil bit..I got to see the preview of the entire season before the 1st episode and I realized something....The number of beeps has increased like anything..Roadies 5.0 wala roadies sounded like saints in front of these roadies!!Personally,this part of roadies is something i hate..even though i say hate...i like 1 thing...I can proudly say,"Look at these people....they have a pathetic vocabulary than ME..thats why this is all that they can say!!!";)

I have an awful vocabulary...I'm trying to improve it though....I remember 1 episode of my life..this was when i was in FE..Sem 2...I was the CR of my class and we had this Physics prof.. She is a very moody woman..One day she would yell at you and insult you like anything and the next day she would be the sweetest person around..And me being the CR had to bear the brunt of her mood swings most of the time...So one fine day(or rather a very ugly day) she insulted me like anything for no fault of mine and almost threw the assignments on my face(i hate ppl who throw books and pages like that.Respect them..they are your source of knowledge!!) The next day she came to our class and told me to stand up..I thought,"Here she goes again..".She asked me,"Are you good at extempore??"The worst part of it was I didnt know then what extempore meant*tch tch..shame shame* All I could do was stare blankly at her with the typical confused look that I have.Then my friend who was sitting besides me understood my problem and told me the meaning of extempore...My immediate reaction was "OHH YES!Uhh..I mean yes ma'am I am." Then she said,"Why dont you audition for being the host for Sojourn(thts our cultural fest)....You've got the looks!!" I was like..."What happened to her???Did someone hit her on her head(was a possibility u knw..with the kind of nature she has :D)..and I said in the sweetest way.."Sure ma'am I will".. Ofcourse i didnt..because I had this huge stage fright then(I did manage to overcome it...details later)...But two things from this episode..... First That I have an awfully awful vocabuary(it was very embarassing)..and secondly... OMG!!People can have worst and terrible type of mood swings.God save ppl like me frm them!

Btw I took the topic from where to WHERE..It was about Roadies and how my vocab is better than theirs...These ppl...oooff!!I mean dont they know any other words or what!!!All we can hear is the F-word and a bunch of other heavy weight abuses and that too when these words are completely irrelevant to what they are saying!!Those beeps are totally useless..even a school kid knows what words they are using!But seriously not just roadies..this is the present day scenario of the Gen-X..The youth..The guys in college feel itchy if they dont use the F-word atleast once and surprisingly its not just the Guys...even Girls too*hey Ram!!aaj kal ki ladkiyan...tch tch*...not that I am some dadi amma :D ....but Thankfully I am not into this and Thank you MOM for this..(details later)...I know all the bad words,"I think"...but I never use them*full of pride*..However it is very much essential to know them or you could be in a situation like..

Some dumbo: You are a #%$@$%%$ %$##$!!!

You:Wow!!really? AAwww...thats so sweet of you!!Muah!!

This could be one of the worst situation u can face...So know your abuses but dont use them "PLEASE"!! Whoa...Who am i kidding..Me saying please isnt gonna change your language unless you actually try to!Well,I did give it an attempt! :) So people who like to use abuses..all i can say is"Get well soon MAMU!!"

Signing off...Adios Amigos!!

January 11, 2009


    2008 was a great year for movies.So many nice movies!And by nice i mean the ones with nice storyline and awesome script and direction...some amazing cinematography....                                            

By the way i just realized that i actually use the word 'nice' quite frequently(i was told this by my friend and i didnt quite believe it...btw quite is another such word :D)

  So back to movies.....Here are the movies that i saw in 2008 and they rocked..some of them released much before 2008..but i saw them now..not tht i am some movie critic...but i love to act like one :D   so here it goes...

  • A Wednesday::: What a movie!!!The most unpredictable end that i have ever seen.One movie that speaks for the common man in these times of terror...its high time now...something needs to be done about this problem.Well Nasseruddin Shah was Fabulous in the movie..See even low budget movies work...in fact they have the ability of becoming the best movie of the year..Ahem ahem...Is some Mr chopra listening?? they dont need to spend a fortune on making irritating movies like Tashan...which just promotes some size zero and stupid songs[white white face dekhe dilwa beating fast sasura chance maare re :o] and also useless action..                     I just hope one thing,that this movie does not influence people to do anything like what naserruddin shah did in that movie.
  • Pursuit of Happyness::: It released before 2008..but i got to see it in 2008..and no i am not that bad at spellings...it is spelt as HappYness....I have to admit this..I was not a Will Smith fan before is saw this movie...He is completely awesome in this one!When Chris Gardener(Will smith) is happy you feel happy..When he is struggling to find a shelter for him and his son....you feel so sad{yes i get emotional while watching emotional scenes}..A must watch movie!!
  • Bruce Almighty::: I wanted to see this movie long back..But one of my friends told me that its an adult movie..The good girl that I am...I waited till i became an adult..And i dont know why...They was nothing so adult about it..Well,I just love Jim Carrey for his crazy acts.A very sweet movie..Being God is after all not that simple..so next time you wish you were God...think again..I especially liked the idea that when Jim becomes God he receives millions of prayers as emails on his PC..Now thats an idea..sirjee..Nice imagination!
  • Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na::: Such a chweeeet movie! A simple story...Girl Boy Best Friends-find different lovers-then realize they love each other-And an airport climax...predictable yet sweet...Everyone in this movie was cool..Rats and Meow...after this movie,there were so many ppl around me calling each other Rats and meow[Brrr]..so now being called a chuha is not bad :P & Jiggy cracked some silly jokes in his gujju accent(some were not even jokes)..and yet i laughed so hard on them(generally i keep a straight face when someone speaks something silly)...and Rotlu and Bombs..What a jodi!!..and My Favourite Amit...I quite liked Prateik Babbar in the movie..waiting for his next release eagerly:)  that Ranjhor ka Rathore twist was fun to watch!
  • Rock On!!::: I had way too high expectations from this movie and probably thats why i was disappointed when i saw it...The songs rocked but the movie didnt..way too slow yaar..Farhan was good..I completely adore him...director-singer-actor-anchor...what next??..so were purab and luke..and arjun's looks were wow!!His expressions[??] helped him in the movie..                    And pj i am still so jealous of you coz you got too see farhan in person!!
  • Jodha Akbar::: I kind of liked this movie...Hrithik as Akbar Was GRAND!! and Ash as Jodha...well....whatever..Yes a very loooong never ending kind of movie..but the music is good...and also the story.
  • Race::: Hey Bhaggu!!!the number of twists and turns in this movie was totally unbelieveable..Oh Saif is the bad guy...No wait its Akshaye...No No its Bipasha for Sure... OMG its Katrina!!these were my reactions during this movie...One of the very very few movies where i felt saif was good..
  • Other movie i enjoyed would be Aamir..a thought provoking one.

Movie on my "to watch" list:

Dasvidanya:My sis saw it and she is bragging abt it..so i want ot see it[our taste in movies is quite similiar..except for the action ones...she can tolerate more of the dishoom dishoom than me..i just hate these kind of movies]

Dostana:I havn't seen it yet*slap slap**sob sob*

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi:I am a big Srk pankha..so a must watch for me..but it released during my exams so cudnt catch it then..

Then there's Khuda kay liye,Mumbai meri Jaan,Wall E,Kung Fu panda,HSM3

Well i was planning a not to watch list as well but i can go on and on abt them..i'll put it down some other time...

Btw i am waiting eagerly to watch Slumdog Millionaire this year....already heard so much abt it ...just cant wait to see it.