July 20, 2008


There is nothing like good or bad,
but thinking makes it so.
-William Shakespeare

Personally,I think a LOT...so much that i have almost turned into an insomniac... can't sleep...just keeping on thinking something or the other...like right now I was thinking how to start my blog..MY FIRST BLOG :)...what could be better than writing about my thoughts!
Like I said,I think a lot.It might be on the smallest of issues or even the issues that don't have any connection with me..or they are of least concern....but yet they are my thoughts,my thinking.....MY BELOVED THOUGHTS!!
I have always had the desire to express my feelings,but I have rarely ever done it..so I thought, 'Why not do it through blogs?' Most of the people who know me,know that I am a total 'think tank'.My best friend's favourite and most mouthed dialogue is..."tp don't think so much or else dimaag phat jaayega...kaboom!!" But I can't really help it....I have been doing this since my childhood.Whenever we studied or read any stories about any Famous personalities,I would always think...'What if he would have done it the other way round??'...as if me thinking about it was going to change whatever that person did!!!
As I grew,my thinking process grew and now they are finding it difficult to accommodate within my mind.So they are moving out...yes they are!!!
Blogs are very comfortable accommodation for them I "think".

Of course,they won't vacate my mind at once...they'll surely do it but quite slowly. After all,its not easy for them to move to a new place after staying for such a long time in a nice cozy place ;)