September 28, 2009

Marriages are made....ON TELEVISION!

Initially,it was just the families and the priests...then the marriage bureaus,next came the internet with the matchmaking portals and the latest entrant in the world of matchmaking is....(drums on roll)..TELEVISION or hamare pyaare TV ji.
I remember Madhuri Dixit used to host such a show 'Kahin na kahin koi hai' which reminds me of 'SHHH! koi hai'...dunno why :D
After the show turned out to be a SUPER DUPER FLOP..TV ji backed out of this business.But IT'S BACK again!! And the trend setter is none other than our very own Indian Paris Hilton --->Rakheeee Sawant.(Taliyan Taliyan)..
Honestly when I heard that there were around 1200 applicants to be her 'var'...I actually fell off my chair. "Did recession hit these guys so bad"???"Are they out of their mind"???"Is Rakhi 'jee' the new ideal bride"??? Anyways so there was a show now and Rakhi was going to start the process of selecting her 'var' and my mind started the useless process of thinking how the show was going to end.
One outcome of this process was:(yeah i talks n walks only technical language :D)
--->She decides to get back with her ex bf Abhishek..
"Abhishek main sirf tumhari hoon aur tumhari hi rahoongi(imagine an 80's actress saying that)...Press ko bulao..aur double media ko bulao...mera var sirf ABhishek hi hai!!!"
Then i got another shock...the show ended (i dunno when) and she decided to marry some NRI uncle!!whoa!!totally unexpected!A real Swayamvar!!

And the trend has begun..Now theres Lux ki perfect bride..oops..i mean "lux" perfect Bride,where 5 betas with their mummies are going to select dulhanns for them.The mummies are going to play typical saas it seems..Seriously,how ridiculous can it get..Heres i imagine how much..

Beta:Mummy Mummy can I marry her?
Mummy:No beta..she is taller than you!

Beta:Mummy Mummy can I marry her then?
Mummy:No beta...she is a masahaari..she doesn't know how to treat animals (i'm sure she'll mistreat you too!)

Beta:Mummy Mummy can I marry Rakhi Sawant then?
Mummy: *slaps hard* Kya duniya ki sari ladkiyan mar gayi hain??? Dont u know she has her var and also a baby now!!

Well as I was imagining after matchmaking..What next??But hamare TV ji itne smart hai ke ab kya bolu.Now TV ji will give couples training on 'How to manage small babies'. It has Rakhi Sawant again with her NRI uncle and its on NDTV Imagine.
I wonder why does Imagine care so much about Ms. Sawant..first her Swayamvar and now training to become a good Mommy!!Kudos to imagine!!What a challenge!!

As the show airs today...I again wonder..WHAT NEXT??? And i hope that our dear TV ji has no such answer to it.

P.S. :- Btw Himesss uncle is back with his faltoo..oops i mean fultoo attitude...and bajofying his maaannnn kaaa radiyyon...

Signing off
Adios Amigos..