March 09, 2009

Am I ur FRIEND????

I saw this particular note on a wallpaper..quite liked thought i'll put it here!!
Dedicated to my BEST FRIEND!!!!!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you have to think before you speak to me!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
my presence makes you feel uncomfortable!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you have to thank me for everything I do for you!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you have to say sorry for everything you don't do!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you have to ask me for favors!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you think i would not be curious to know your new philosophy of life!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you go by what I say & don't understand what I don't say!

I am not Your FRIEND if......

you think that listening to your dreams would put me to sleep!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you think that seeing you in pain,would not bring a tear to me!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you think I do not remember the FIRST time we met!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you don't see the thousand ways I try to make you happy!

I am not Your FRIEND if......

you don't realize how your million dollar SMILE brightens up my day!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you would rather keep quiet when you really wanna talk!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you hesitate to ask me to stay back when you think we should be together!

I am not Your FRIEND if......
you take too much time to tell me what I mean to YOU!!

Am I your FRIEND????

:) :) :)

(Chooo chweeet!!!)

I think a lot of chwwweeeeet...ok fine before anyone goes dizzy with so much of chwweetness...
i'll say where was i??Oh haan!A lot of sweet things for 1 post..i think i should stop here!! :D

P.S. : Btw if you didnt previous post was colorful for the "holi" effect :D
And i still, yes still havnt got my result..i m gonna bore you with this story till I actually get my result!so please pray that I get my result asap!!for your sake atleast!! :P

signing off!!
Adios!! :)

March 05, 2009


Its HOLI time...but wait!!!Its not right now but a whole WEEK later...
Why don't People remember it??Why do they want to make every Festival soooo unpleasant????
Yesterday..was just like any other day....reached college at 9:05am as usual(it starts at 9:00 :D )....sat through the boring lectures....attended practicals where everyone around me was playing CounterStrike and I...well PinBall!!And then back home.
While I was walking back home from the bus stop...some dumb idiotic character from 1 of the buildings threw a water balloon on me..Luckily it missed me...but my shoe was not so fortunate!!My favourite pair of shoes!!*sob sob* All dirty!!!I felt like shouting out a hundred thousand abuses (these are the times when you should use them ;))..but then a second thought crossed my mind...."if i stand here even for a minute longer my white shirt's gonna be no longer white!!"I walked away from there as fast as i could*yes i m a big coward*..Couldnt even see tht persons face....coz tht stupid rat went and hid inside his bunker.
Why cant people live peacefully and let others live peacefully????What pleasure do they get by targetting poor pedestrians??My travelling allowance during Holi(thats 10 days b4 and after Holi) is much higher bcoz i travel by rickshaw in order to save my clothes and bag...and plus i hav to keep all my whites and lites packed out of my wardrobe...dont want to take any risk!
Like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts...Festivals are no longer that source of happiness and togetherness that they should be..and like every year Holi(actually the week before Holi)is going to be that troubling experience that it has been always!*sigh*
Again A HOPE that probably people would understand that maybe throwing balloons from the terrace of their apartments might be fun for them...but it is defintely not for the person walking by!!
Dear God,please please help them!!!

P.S. :I still havnt got my result yet and ma'am say enjoy your holi...its not comin before tht..
but the point is how do we enjoy???Exactly two months since our exams got over!!
Darn MU!!!

Adios!! :)

March 02, 2009


There are some days in your life when you want everything to be just perfect...but nothing goes your way and all you can say is Why-O-Why???

It was our college cultural fest and I was a participant in Antakshari.I was so HAPPY..2 Reasons for that:

  • It was second year in a row that I got selected for the finals and
  • This time there was no Miss OC in my team :)

Now let me tell you about this Ms. OC....

Last year she was with us in the finals and this year in the auditions,we were made one team.First round in auditions was the normal antakshari round and here i realized the disadvantages of having a soft voice.OC has a loud voice and everytime we got an alphabet she would start singing without consulting with us.
It was like I was singing 1 song .....suddenly she starts with another one and eventually I had to sing what she was singing 'coz my voice was barely heard!! :( I was so pissed off!! I thought...'there goes my chance....buh bye antakshari'...but a sudden change of fate in other rounds and Neha and I got selected and OC failed to make it..I was so happy and relieved...My conscience told me...'Pri this is really bad,you shouldnt enjoy someones'll regret it later' and I said,'Shut up!!I am 100% happy tht shez not selected and you are definitely not spoiling it!!!'

25th Feb,2009..Our antakshari...Neha and I reached college by 11am and headed towards the auditorium..There we met OC..she came to us and said,"All the Best guys!"...I was like..'How sweet!Probably shez not tht bad after all'...then she added," Last time we made somesilly mistakes,this time WE must not repeat them."..'Wait a minute...did she just say WE???'I looked at Neha and she had the same puzzled look tht I had tht moment.Then Ms. OC told us tht her friend who got selected left the place for her and I thought....

"WOWW!What a friend!!But friendship dikhaane ke liye use antakshari hi mili thi!!"X(

And there started OCs oversmartness and domination!!Firstly,I wanted to sit in the front row..(I wore my best top that day for tht reason!)..but she quickly ran to the front seat.Neha offered me other front seat but she is a better singer she deserved to sit in the front and so I declined it...And so I sat hidden behind them..*sob sob*

The main thing was tht she brought such a negative energy in the team...with tht 'I-know-it-all-u-r-dumbos' attitude tht it became really frustating and irritating to sit there...
Plus to add to it,"The judges",pataa nahi kaunse janam ka badlaa le rahe the.A lot of places where i could hav easily argued tht we deserved points and we wernt given any.....but I cudnt bcoz eventually they are my professors!And so I sat there hiding my frustration with a huge smile..And my conscience was jumping and dancing...'I told you'll regret it later'... a result of all the mess,we came Second LAst!!WHOA!!!from second,last year to second last this year!what a shame!!Actually our cultural this year was prety average as compared to what it was last year...So a bad day!! :( Hoping such days never show up again...and always listen to your conscience......otherwise it gets an opportunity to taunt you :P

P.S. :Currently listening to Taylor Swift ka songs these days...all thanks to Sailo!!Taylor's good! :)
And yeah koi mera result mujhe laa do....MU/Coll<---Hadd kardi aapne!!!

Signing off!
Adios! :)