December 31, 2008

2008--The Year That Was....

   So,it is the last day of the roller coaster year...."2008"...I decided,"Why not give my books a break from staring,dull,blank face they are used to see even though its eggjham time. :DThis year was like any Blockbuster movie(yeah...I am a movie buff,so i hav this habit of comparing everything to movies)...It was Full of Khushis And loaded with Ghams.This year will be remembered for so many special moments that it has given us...good as well as bad..According to me these were the defining moments of 2008:

1.  November 26, 2008

                 A tragedy no 1 can ever forget..that has in a way managed to unite all of us against terrorism and all the other evils that we face.I still remember,I couldnt take my eyes off the TV that night...It was so painful to see the majestic Taj go up in flames.I've always dreamt of goin there.Thank goodness it still stands there today but I think the scars of this dreadful incident will always remain there.I think all the Indians shared the same emotions during those 62 hours of tragedy unfolding.Frankly,I donno which of my emotions were fear n helplessness;the next time i'm walking on the street some guy walking around can just randomly open am i supposed to save myself??; Or my anger...those dumb loser can they make such loose comments about this serious issue...more than their inability...its their statements that angered me the most.I am deeply ashamed that these are(were) our leaders. Well,I hope this tragedy has awaken them up and taught them a good lesson and i hope they are not waiting for any "better" lessons.                                                                                                                             Also my heart goes out to the family members...who lost their loved ones to this tragedy and I Salute all the bravehearts who saved Mumbai at the cost of their lives...Jai Hind!! Hail Peace!!!

2.Economic Recession

                  Though i'm ignorant about all these economic terms....I know it has affected people a bad way..even the super powers stand completely shaken by it.Well,it did manage to bring down the forever escalating prices of stuffs...which is actually a Boon for shopaholics like it Good or Bad??I'm soo confused!!

3.The Rise Of Yellow Journalism

                Yes ...Sad but true....these false reports that you see on Tv have such a negative impact on us.if i m not mistaken this is known as Yellow Journalism(i'm not sure though)..This dirty competition of who gets the breaking news First..aargh..doesnt matter if the info mention is true or not...And that darn india tv...i think it should be renamed as "useless news tv" OR "superstitions promotions tv"!!

4.The Rise Of Mr. Coward Bully(you know who!!!)

            This loser Finally got all his he did blabber out all nonsense and tried to cause regional divides in India...                                                                                                                                          I pray to God that the people who follow these chachas and bhatijas get back to their senses and realize that they are no less than Voldemorts Death Eaters!!!

5. Rafa dethrones The Emperor!

           i like Rafa Nadal...but I just love the way Fedex plays!!So it was really disheartening to see the emperor being dethroned!!I am sure that he will bounce back in 2009...most definitely..              You CAn DO IT FeDeX!!!!

6. Beijing Olympics

          Our players managed to get Just 1 Gold and 2 bronze Medals....but still....YAYY INDIA!! yayy Abhinav Bindra!!you've made us so proud...All the people now know because of you that Shooting is a full fledged sport(many knew but not all of them)..Yayy vijender singh(boxing) & yayy sushil kumar(wrestling)'ve made us proud too..Keep getting more medals and keep inspiring young talents. 

7.And...LAst but not the Least.........

             A very good year for the can i not mention them..some low budget yet mind blowing movies...I'll list them out soon...Also A R Rehman.....You totally rock sir..and now that you've made it to golden globe nominations...All the very best!! and i hope u win!!

So these were the defining moments according to me.                                                                                   On a personal level again it was a roller coaster ride with loads of ups and downs..Loads of confusion and they just keep adding up!! Some fights,some funny moments,some very special moments,some stupid mistakes and realization immediately after commiting them(yup thats totally me!!)..I think i'll put them here in detail some other time..

Heres wishing you a HAPPY,PROSPEROUS & most importantly a PEACEFUL NEW YEAR!!