June 26, 2009

Sad thoughts.

21st June was the final of the ICC T20 world cup....and I being a cricket fanatic (i can proudly say that i am 1 of the few girls who likes cricket because of cricket and not because of the cricketers :)...though i do like a few of them:D) was definitely watching it!

Sri Lanka v/s Pakistan....i was a little disappointed that India didnt make it to the finals..but then they didnt play that good enough so they didnt deserve it!I was rooting for Sri Lanka..nothing against Pakistan....but SL has 1 of my Fav players..kumar Sangakarra..so I was on sri lanka's side...and as usual...the team that I support never manages to win!!:(....(99% of the times that happens)

Initially I was a bit disappointed...but then I switched on a NEWS channel where they showed videos of Pakistani fans celebrating...doing the nagin dance and all.

It brought a big smile on my face. Yes,SL lost...but there was something more important that happened..the ppl of Pakistan got something to celebrate.The past few weeks must hav been difficult for ppl there because of all the tension going on over there..we hear of bomb blasts every day...and in such times...a world cup must be like being on the top of the world!!So..in all I was happy!

But yesterday i read an article in the newspaper in which Shahid Afridi said that the Indians were not happy playing against us..that really pissed me off!

Dude!!U've won a World cup...you are being worshipped as a hero in your country...why do you have to say all these things and spoil the happy atmosphere around???C'mon I dnt think India will ever do that...thats my personal opnion of course!but a strong belief that they wont do that..If u are sulking at a moment when you should be dancing with joy...and cherishing every moment..then you've got a serious problem Mr.!


Saw on the news just now..Michael Jackson no more! thats a really sad news that came up today....but what was more sad was the way people were talking about him in a negative way.
Sure...he has had a lot of controversies....but you can't deny THE fact that he was for sure the King of Pop!His songs were a craze...and his dance moves...wow!! (I tried to do the moon walk once...almost sprained my leg...and plus had all my folks laughing their heart out!)

I was taught this as a child..that when someone passes away..you shudnt be talking bad abt him no matter how many bad things he might hav done..so it did disappoint me!!
I'm sure being a celeb in hollywood must not be easy at all...the cameras following you every where...and their bad sides will come up to but you cant ignore their talent...

Like for eg. Britney Spears...her life is overflowing with controversies!!!But you cant deny the fact that shes one of the best popstars ever!!But if u curse or talk about some one like Lindsay Lohan..Of course i wont blame u then..the girls got no talent(atleast she hasnt shwn any till date) and only controversies in her life!!

I so hope that ppl start taking out positives out of other ppl lives and talk about it and not the negative ones.

Michael Jackson R.I.P

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