June 25, 2009


One phone call...and it changes your life track completely!!!
No..it wasn't from God :D (ppl who've read 1 night @ the call center will probably understand the joke intended)

Actually I was quite confused about what to do after my engineering...its my final year,so its high time..i should start thinking about it..
So I called up a career guidance counsellor of jaan-pehchaan :D
My first question was obviously about placements!!What else does a "budding" engineer think about?? I asked him about the current placement scenario.He said its really bad..hardly any placements happening now...That is something i didnt want to hear at all!!But i guess thats the truth...have to live with it :(
That means I have to study further and make myself more "valueable". The options I had: MS ,ME and MBA.I dont want to do MS or ME...so that leaves me with MBA!!
A year back from now I never ever gave even a small thought to doing MBA.. All I thought about was how I have to work for placements..get a good job and then manage it..and now here I am looking for a good class for CAT training . I know that I have to bell the CAT in 2010 for sure!
Well...It did affect my plans for vacations though..Now my driving license will have to wait for a while and so will the guitar maybe..Btw I completed cleaning my room..*phew*
And now along with my BE I have an MBA to do!! :) or :( (really don't know)


pj said...

hmm...tough decision eh? Good luck with it!:)

TP said...

yes it is...
thanx anyways :)