August 04, 2010

Fame or Embarrassment

Its been quite sometime..infact, really long time since i've posted anything here. Dunno why but I dont feel like putting anything here. I have quite a lot of things on my mind but i'm unable to express them in words.."writer's block" (though i'm not really much of a writer).
I was watching 'The Simpsons' the other day. Now that the cable guy has done the most angelic job of putting Star World back on, I just can't help but stay glued to it. You can call it "Bad TV addiction"[:D], but I absolutely love watching Star World !

So I was watching 'The Simpsons' and the episode was the one where Bart Simpson discovers that Homer and Marge made him do a commercial as a baby where he was.....

"Baby Stink-Breath" [XD]

Well just as expected, he is highly embarrassed after knowing this and gets all upset when the kids around start teasing him by that name.

This made me think (Nowadays I get ideas from such shows only [;)])......
What do these little babies who appear in the diaper commercials (where they are made to do all weird embarrassing things) feel about it when they grow up???

Like the ad where the baby is running in the house without any pants or diaper on, away from everyone who are trying to "COOCHIE COO" his/her butt and eventually the baby's mom (in the commercial) catches the baby and "COOCHIE COOS" the baby's butt!!

Or the one where the baby is walking around with a loose diaper and it comes off! I guess it was for some pant style diaper.

We people find these ads really cute because these babies are really really cute. But what about them?
How would they feel about this kind of "exposure" :P on Television when they grow a little older??

Would they be proud that they are famous??
Anything for fame! OR
Would they be embarrassed that their parents let anything of this sort happen?? :D ;)

This is what I could think of writing to shoo away the block..atleast i did manage to write something however weird and absurd it may be. :D


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