October 01, 2009

Now I Know Why!!

Wednesday,the 30th,was like any other day. Reaching the college at 9:15 for an 8:15 lecture; attending ALL OF THEM and waiting at the bus stop looking at all the crowd getting into the bus so that I can get into a relatively empty bus. Me and my friend were doing tp at the bus stop staring at people..its fun you know..observing different people...their expressions..their actions.

We were busy doing that when we noticed a boy not more than 7-8 years old staring at people's bags in a very suspicious way. Firstly, let me describe the bus stop for you. Whenever the college leaves,the bus stop is overcrowded with college students.So you find a lot of people who have their bags behind them.

Back to this guy..He was suspiciously moving around. So we decided to observe him what he is upto. Whenever any bus came at the stop and the crowd rushed there,he used to rush along with them but not get into the bus.We saw it happen 3 times that too the buses were of completely different destinations. He then used to go to his friend who was standing nearby with a cycle. By this time we realized that he was upto no good..but we werent able to catch him red handed as it was highly crowded.
Then came another bus.This time we saw him open a girl's bag.My friend without giving it a second thought ,quickly caught his hand.He made an innocent face and said "Jaane do na....bus pakadna hai."

My friend : "Uss ladki ka bag kyon khola?"
Boy:"Nahi Khola...jaane do na."
Me: "Police ko bulau kya??"
Boy:"Jaane do na...phir aisa nahi karoonga."
The police threat scared the boy.By then people gathered.
One guy (to my friend): "Did he steal something belonging to you?"
My friend :"No."
That guy:"Then why have you caught him??Let him go na."
My friend :"Fine he didnt take anything from me...but tommorow if he steals something from you, are u going to say 'Let him go'?"
One rickshaw driver: "Maine dekha usey bag kholte huey..par baccha hai...jaane do."
Well, we then warned him..
"Phir aisa kuch karte huey mila toh police ke pass de denge"
Boy:"nahi karoonga...haath chodo na."

As soon as my friend let go of his hand...he ran away,sat on his friend's cycle and vanished out of our sight. We did feel a sense of relief that we managed to save some wallets for the day. But we know somehow that he isn't going to stop it.If not this bus stop..then some other stop.

But two things shocked me to the core:
First:::: The guy was so small..must be hardly 7-8 years old.As much as I was angry with that guy, I did feel a sense of pity for him..so much that my "Police ko bulau" dialog sounded like "candy doon" !!--my friend tells me this.hehe
I HOPE he finds the right track..Dear GOD..please help him!! ^_^

Second:::: The attitude of people around.It was TERRIBLE. This guy is stealing things and no one is bothered. Of course,we had no intention of calling the police..because we believe that it would harm his childhood that he can still regain.But had the people around us reacted more sternly..probably it would have had a deeper impact on that boy. But with the "jaane do..baccha hai" attitude..i wonder if the kid was really scared at a point or he was acting.
The "AS LONG AS I'M NOT ON THE RECEIVING END,I DON'T CARE" Attitude was so prevalent among people there.

And NOW I KNOW WHY........
Why my country is in such a poor state of affairs..
Its because people dont care if someone gets robbed or mobbed or molested or even killed!!!
They are not the ones suffering na...so why bother??
I feel so sorry for my country and I hope there are atleast a few people around who will react the way my friend did and not like the others standing there!!It would definitely help her!

On a lighter note...The GQ ultimate man of the yr 2009 award went to Bebo's Saifuuu..
Me asking....."KYUUUUUUU???"

Signing off,
Adios amigos.


CRD said...

we indians are very shaky. we tend to get carried away by emotions...also, we're a very pragmatic lot..as long as nothing bad is happening to us, everything that's goin on is absolutely fine..but im surprised tht such a thing happened in mumbai. here in mumbai, everyone jus needs an opportunity to whack someone else...so its strange that they let him off...

continuing on ur joke...Saif got the "man of the year" award coz he's Bebo's man for this year...next year, its "Goodbye" and new man time :P


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workhard said...

That is really sad.. when this kid grows up to 13-14, he is definitely going to train 10 other kids to do the same..

Yeah attitude of the ppl is really laid back....

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